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Daily tasks!

  1. Follow my Twitter - twitter.com/iwantladysophia
  2. Comment on 3 of my Twitter posts.
  3. Like 5 of my Twitter posts.
  4. Follow my subreddit - reddit.com/r/TheLadySophia/
  5. Upvote 5 of my Reddit posts

Weekly Tasks for betas Who Want to Get My Attention!

  1. Buy 3 clips from iwantsophia.com
  2. Buy 3 clips from clips4sale.com/38831 
  3. RT at least 10 Twitter posts.

Monthly Tasks for betas who want to serve and Show their Loyalty!

  1. Pay a 10% tithe (send to venmo.com/sophiastjames)
  2. Choose a bill and dedicate yourself to paying it for at least 3 months.  Bills are HERE.
  3. Order a custom video at iwantsophia.com.
  4. Subscribe to my Onlyfans, onlyfans.com/iwantladysophia.
  5. Subscribe to my Loyalfans, loyalfans.com/iwantladysophia.
  6. Subscribe to my Fansly, fansly.com/iwantladysophia