Welcome to My site.

I am an educated Femme Dominant, Female Superior, and Financial Domina.  I am a long legged Caribbean beauty with an unspeakable presence.  I command attention when I walk in a room.  I am witty, sassy, well spoken, spirited, and graceful.   I do not tolerate disrespect.  It brings Me great pleasure to break down the societal walls of arrogance and see you enter a state of complete submission and servitude.

Females reign supreme and your place is by My feet.  

I am  6'1" in high heels, have 40J breasts, a 52 inch ass, a curvy & feminine hourglass figure, and glamorous model features.  

I am beauty and grace manifested through everything I do.

Behavior modification is a skill…
and I do it well.

Money and Obedience is what counts. Make sure you are polite and well mannered and supply the funds to support My needs. I appreciate a beta who knows it’s place and can remain there.

Pay to Obey
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