Cash Point Meet

A cash point meet provides you with the amazing opportunity to meet Me in person and experience the unique privilege of handing over your hard-earned cash directly into the hands of a true Goddess.

Understand this is not a session or a date; our interaction will be short, sweet, and to the point. I require a $100 deposit and a $350 minimum to schedule a cash point meet.  You may send the $100 deposit HERE. This is to ensure My time is not wasted should I show up and you are a punk bitch no show.

After I receive your deposit, I will decide on a time and a public location for the meet.  I will give you a few options as to when I can meet you.  This is about Me, so you will work around My schedule.

On the day of our cash point meet, you must have a gift from one of My wishlists, as well as the cash in hand upon arrival.  Arrive early because I will absolutely not wait for you.  If you are late, you forfeit your deposit and will not have another opportunity to schedule another cash point meet.
Once I arrive, you will hand Me your wallet with the cash. You will stand by and wait for further instruction.

A $100 non-refundable deposit
A gift from one of my wishlists
$350 Minimum for the meet
Competency to follow simple instructions

Failure to follow these directions will result in the cancellation of our meeting and forfeiture of your deposit.


Can’t meet Me in person, then tribute one of the following amounts.

$250 – 

 $300 –

$500 –

error: Nice Try LOSER! Don\'t steal My shit!

The Goddess Returns to DOIAZ

on April 23rd.

That's right!  I am back at Den of Indomitus AZ.  Every Tuesday, I am available from 1300-1900 (that's 1p-7p for you civilians).  Be sure to call the Den to schedule your time with me.

You can call them at 602-775-1775 to make your appointment with me.