Connecting with the Community

Posted on: 05/23/2017

I have always been a community person  Being able to connect with others in the fetish and kink community is vital. I think it helps to be able to talk about such a taboo things in the grand picture of the world.  Most people in their lifetime try some kind of kink or BDSM play.  Many are continual players, whether in public at parties or in their own bedrooms. There are even fewer that reach out into a local community and go to munches or coffees.  I think people are anxious about seeing someone they know or maybe feeling singled out.  But being able to know that you aren’t the only one can be very comforting.

Many cities have munches, coffees, sloshes, and gatherings.  These are great ways to connect with like minded people and discover new and exciting ways to play and explore.  I guarantee there is a group for your fetish out there. Fetlife is a great place.  So are twitter and tumblr.  I have found that many outings are very laid back and relaxed. Unless they are at a dungeon or fetish club, vanilla clothing is appropriate.  And even if it is at a dungeon or fetish club, you’ll want to show up in vanilla clothes at first anyway and you can change inside.

Get out and explore your city’s BDSM and fetish community.  It is well worth the time.

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