Serve Me Financially

Are you a paypig, human ATM, or beta money slave?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right location. I am a Queen. A Goddess who deserves to be spoiled, treated to gifts, and worshiped.  I am sure you know that otherwise, you would not be here.  You know your money doesn’t belong to you.  In fact, it belongs to Me. Not your wife, not your parents, but ME!  Because of this, you need to send it to Me.
Weekly tithes are always 10% of your income.

To submit this week’s tithes, click here.

The following bills are long-standing and require ongoing tributes.  Pick one every month and pay it.
To submit payment, you may click here.
● Phone bill – $125
● Car/Home insurance – $225
● Pet insurance – $85
● Beauty maintenance – $350
● Electricity – $200
● Mortgage – $1250
● Car note – $425
Pet grooming – $75 sissy Jill

For those broke-ass paypigs that still want to feel useful, you may pay one of these weekly bills.  Choose one every week and pay it by clicking here.
● Coffee – $35
● Manicure – $55
● Pedicure – $55
● Massage – $75
● Groceries – $125
● Pet treats – $40
● Netflix (monthly) – $20
Hulu (monthly) – $25 beta steven

Ass so fine it deserves all the money.
error: Nice Try LOSER! Don\'t steal My shit!

Daily tasks!

  1. Follow my Twitter -
  2. Comment on 3 of my Twitter posts.
  3. Like 5 of my Twitter posts.
  4. Follow my subreddit -
  5. Upvote 5 of my Reddit posts

Weekly Tasks for betas Who Want to Get My Attention!

  1. Buy 3 clips from
  2. Buy 3 clips from 
  3. RT at least 10 Twitter posts.

Monthly Tasks for betas who want to serve and Show their Loyalty!

  1. Pay a 10% tithe (send to
  2. Choose a bill and dedicate yourself to paying it for at least 3 months.  Bills are HERE.
  3. Order a custom video at
  4. Subscribe to my Onlyfans,
  5. Subscribe to my Loyalfans,
  6. Subscribe to my Fansly,