Panties/Bras/Items Worn

Have you ever found yourself wanting to have a special piece of Lady Sophia?
Have you thought to yourself how great it would be to have a pair of my panties or an actual toy I have used?
Have you ever thought about putting on my dirty panties and smelling like me?
WELL NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! I am offering panties, bras, socks, foot peelings, pantyhose, sex toys, and used condoms. As I get items, I will be listing them here. If you have a request for an item that is not listed, email me at and send a respectful request my way.

If you would like a pair of panties, a bra, some socks, or anything listed, note what you would like and complete the form at the bottom of the page. Items will be shipped once payment is received and deposited into my account. Once I receive the form, I will respond to you.

Buy from my personal store versus any other platform I may be on. This way I am for sure to get 100% versus having fees taken out.

error: Nice Try LOSER! Don\'t steal My shit!

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