What a Tiny Little One – Small Penis Humiliation

I enjoy a number of fetishes. My first love has always been some sort of cock related fetish. Whether it be cock torture or penis humiliation, I enjoy harming cocks. Something about the agony and pain of either physical or mental anguish makes me happy. Small penis humiliation comes naturally to me. I mean, there is really nothing a small penis can do, so why the hell not talk shit about them??? I think persons with small cocks should really never ever try to have sex with anyone. There is no point! But I digress, present a tiny dick to me and I swear I could laugh for hours and hours.

See just how much I dislike tiny dicks. Click the picture below to get my small penis humiliation porn from I Want Clips.

Your Place is at My Feet – Black Statuesque Goddess

You know exactly where your place is.  Your place is at my feet, licking the soles, and sucking my toes.  Open your mouth as I slide my toes down your throat.  You are a poor beta bitch.  Know your place.

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It Is a Great Honor to Be Chosen – Executrix

You have been chosen.  I hope you know just how much of an honor this is.  Not everyone is able to serve so deeply.  Being my sacrifice will be the ultimate form of servitude.

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I Want Lady Sophia

Not only do I offer in person sessions and trainings, I create fetish and Femdom adult films.  Sometimes I have video slaves and other times it is just Me in all my glory. Some of the fetishes that can be seen include JOI, CEI, CBT, Goddess worship, ball busting, and more. I film weekly and post new content often.

All videos are shot with a professional Sony camera and edited with Hollywood quality video editing software. There are a variety of videos and available and more are always being added.


Phone Humiliation and Addiction

You can’t seem to get past the idea of being humiliated by a Goddess.  It is something you have thought of for years. You are so weak in your cock for Me. When you see my picture, when you see me post online, you get so excited and so turned on. That cock twitches and you can’t control it. I like that. I like having control over you and your wallet.

The way I move captivates you.  You get sucked in and you can’t take your eyes off of me. My soft, natural, and perky tits of mine are mesmerizing and enchanting.  The way they jiggle and move with every step I take gets that dick pulsing and ready to explode.

So what the hell are you waiting for?  Get on your knees, pick up your phone, and call Me.  If my phone lines happen to be off, you can send Me a tribute and wait for My lines to be back on.

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Send tribute like a good bitch and keep me happy

TRAVEL NOTICE- Albuquerque, NM

Due to the major car accident I was involved in, I will not be able to make it to Albuquerque, NM.  Apologies.

I am traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico June 9-11.  I will be available for cash point meets, sessions, and trainings while I am in town.  All sessions and cash point meets will require a deposit to secure My time.

I invite you to read My website before scheduling a session.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity Albuquerque.

Join My Fan Club – OnlyFans

There are a few ways you can see My glory.  You have the option of seeing My twitter, but with that you only get an idea of what I’m about. You get ideas of how  to tribute Me, how to worship Me, and how to support Me. Tumblr is good for that too. But there is only one place you can see Me in My everyday life. That is OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is My fan club. The only place you can see My intimate pics and videos. Whether I’m beating my sissy maid or taking a shower, you can see My life in all of the many Goddess like ways.

Sign up by going to onlyfans.com/theladysophia.

Squeezing your Cock – CBT

Being a Femdom comes with so many pleasures.  There are so many things that slaves can be useful for.  And since I’m the sadistic Femme that I am, seeing them in discomfort and pain is amusing to Me.  I really enjoy inflicting pain.  Any kind of pain.  It’s a gift I have. As I inflict it, I can start to feel my lips twitch and lips start to curve upward. I begin to laugh and soon I am fulfilled.

CBT, or cock & ball torture (or treatment for you bitches), is one of the most enjoyable fetishes to partake in. I like using My hands. I want to feel your flesh in My hands, in between My fingers, smashing and pinching and grabbing. I love making you stare into My beautiful eyes as I twist and wind and tug on your useless member. I like using tools on your bits as well. Clothes pins, needles, wax, rope, cages, plates, and so much more.

Your dick belongs to Me. I have free reign of what I do with it. you have no use for it.

Dream of your cock in My grasp?  Want to feel the pleasure of giving your cock over to a Goddess?  Good.

you have several ways to Pay to Obey Me.

  1. KIK sessions – Send at least $15 to cash.me/$theladysophia. Then send your kik name to Me.
  2. Webcam sessions – Visit www.theladysophia.com/webcam-sessions.html
  3. Live sessions (PHX area) – Visit www.theladysophia.com/live-sessions.html
  4. Niteflirt- Visit www.niteflirt.com/TheLadySophia