Just What is the Hanky Code?

What is a hanky code? Have you ever heard of the hanky code? Maybe not, unless you are freaky and into kinky sex/kinky play. The hanky code is also known as the bandana code, handkerchief code, or flagging. It is a non-verbal way of communicating sexual preferences, kinks, and fetishes. It is highly popular in the LGBTQ Leather community. I promise if you ever went to a play party in the queer community you will see someone flagging. The traditional way of flagging of hanging a bandana out of the back pocket. However, there are several other ways to flag. The bandana can be wrapped around the wrist, made into a flower pin, hair bandana, and many more.

hanky code with colored bars

TRAVEL NOTICE- Albuquerque, NM

Due to the major car accident I was involved in, I will not be able to make it to Albuquerque, NM.  Apologies.

I am traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico June 9-11.  I will be available for cash point meets, sessions, and trainings while I am in town.  All sessions and cash point meets will require a deposit to secure My time.

I invite you to read My website before scheduling a session.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity Albuquerque.

Squeezing your Cock – CBT

Being a Femdom comes with so many pleasures.  There are so many things that slaves can be useful for.  And since I’m the sadistic Femme that I am, seeing them in discomfort and pain is amusing to Me.  I really enjoy inflicting pain.  Any kind of pain.  It’s a gift I have. As I inflict it, I can start to feel my lips twitch and lips start to curve upward. I begin to laugh and soon I am fulfilled.

CBT, or cock & ball torture (or treatment for you bitches), is one of the most enjoyable fetishes to partake in. I like using My hands. I want to feel your flesh in My hands, in between My fingers, smashing and pinching and grabbing. I love making you stare into My beautiful eyes as I twist and wind and tug on your useless member. I like using tools on your bits as well. Clothes pins, needles, wax, rope, cages, plates, and so much more.

Your dick belongs to Me. I have free reign of what I do with it. you have no use for it.

Dream of your cock in My grasp?  Want to feel the pleasure of giving your cock over to a Goddess?  Good.

you have several ways to Pay to Obey Me.

  1. KIK sessions – Send at least $15 to cash.me/$theladysophia. Then send your kik name to Me.
  2. Webcam sessions – Visit www.theladysophia.com/webcam-sessions.html
  3. Live sessions (PHX area) – Visit www.theladysophia.com/live-sessions.html
  4. Niteflirt- Visit www.niteflirt.com/TheLadySophia