Leather Tastings to Celebrate Sex Workers

For the past few years, I have spent most of my time focusing on my schooling. I am happy to say that I have graduated with flying colors. Now that I am freed up and not studying most of the time I can get back to things I enjoy,… like beating people.
June 2nd is International Whore’s Day. SWOP Phoenix and Southwest Recovery Alliance are hosting a Leather Tasting in Phoenix, AZ. I am going to be one of the Dommes providing tastings. I am so happy to be involved with this. The event is happening at DOIAZ and you must RSVP by emailing swopphoenix@swopusa.org to attend. Some of the kinks being offered include flogging, caning, spanking, paddling, and fire massage. There are several more kinks to experience. There is a sliding scale donation of $15 – $50, with all proceeds going to the organizations putting this on.
Come see me and say hi… and a spanking.

What Does it Mean to be a Primal Femme?

Ebony Femdom, Lady Sophia, in a feather dress holding a riding crop near her lips.
Lady Sophia with a riding crop near her luscious lips.

As many might know, I have been a dominant woman and have been for most of my life. Even before I discovered the lifestyle, I was in charge of my life, in my way, and done in my style. In my muggle job, in my relationships, in my friendships, in my everything; I am usually the one calling the shots. I am also a sensual person. I enjoy touch and feeling sensations. Having my babyloves body against my body makes me feel really good. I NEVER bottom for men, E.V.E.R. However in my personal relationships, I enjoy the relaxation that comes from being a bottom and just letting go and giving in. I am a sexual person. A very sexual person. I am a primal person. On Fetlife, my identification is ‘primal’. I am a queer femme that has a primal passion for fucking, sex, and pleasurable engagements. And before you contact me about any bullshit, I am SOOO VERY NOT INTERESTED. I have plenty of enjoyment in my life and do not need YOU to send unsolicited advances. <eye roll>.

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To be primal, to me, mean I enjoy raw and unmeasured sex. I love sweat. I love the sounds that come from fucking. I mean, I GUESS making love is alright. But I would much rather fuck and be left breathless. I like to hear my lover. I love knowing that what we are doing is bring them pleasure and joy. I am into fucking until we just can’t go anymore. But we take a 10-minute break, re-hydrate, go pee… then start all over again. I like getting fucked and just letting go. My babylove is amazing in bed. We have so much fun and the energy is fabulous.

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I am primal in my kink and BDSM play as well. I want those I play with to experience sensual sadism and passionate domination. My subs get my all at that moment. When I session, I am also very present. I believe that all betas and subs should have the amazing joy of experiencing the sensations that only I can provide. I am very aware of the vibe and work to guide it into a state of pleasurable service.

Mommy Sophia

The best way to show your service is to tribute. You can go to my PAY ME page and send, send, send. You can also send Amazon gift cards to xladysophiax@gmail.com.

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I have had an Onlyfans for a while now. It really hasn’t been a priority as I had other avenues of money and I was focused on full-length clips. I have started working on my Onlyfans recently and decided to make it FREE. That is right, it is free. There are lots of opportunities to tribute me and tip me through Onlyfans. True subs and betas will tip. Worshipping my is not free and a tribute is expected. I post 1-2 times a day and am always making new and exciting content.

Betas who join get chances to serve in a variety of ways. I will be going live once a week and you can DM me in real-time on there. Content posted to Onlyfans is 90% exclusive and OF fans have the ability to request special clips and videos.

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Your Sad Little Cock

The way your dick looks makes me laugh.

I think it just might be the worst looking cock I have ever seen. What the hell man?! There is no way you fuck with that thing. NO. WAY. I mean, just look at it. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and just look at it. If you were into dick and you saw your own dick, would YOU want to fuck it? EXACTLY-> HELL NO!

Get your virtual session for small penis humiliation and sissification. I use Skype and Zoom for all my online, webcam sessions. Email me at xladysophiax@gmail.com to schedule your session now. DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED!

Your Place is at My Feet – Black Statuesque Goddess

You know exactly where your place is.  Your place is at my feet, licking the soles, and sucking my toes.  Open your mouth as I slide my toes down your throat.  You are a poor beta bitch.  Know your place.

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Squeezing your Cock – CBT

Being a Femdom comes with so many pleasures.  There are so many things that slaves can be useful for.  And since I’m the sadistic Femme that I am, seeing them in discomfort and pain is amusing to Me.  I really enjoy inflicting pain.  Any kind of pain.  It’s a gift I have. As I inflict it, I can start to feel my lips twitch and lips start to curve upward. I begin to laugh and soon I am fulfilled.

CBT, or cock & ball torture (or treatment for you bitches), is one of the most enjoyable fetishes to partake in. I like using My hands. I want to feel your flesh in My hands, in between My fingers, smashing and pinching and grabbing. I love making you stare into My beautiful eyes as I twist and wind and tug on your useless member. I like using tools on your bits as well. Clothes pins, needles, wax, rope, cages, plates, and so much more.

Your dick belongs to Me. I have free reign of what I do with it. you have no use for it.

Dream of your cock in My grasp?  Want to feel the pleasure of giving your cock over to a Goddess?  Good.

you have several ways to Pay to Obey Me.

  1. KIK sessions – Send at least $15 to cash.me/$theladysophia. Then send your kik name to Me.
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