Virtual Sessions

With the way things are now, I am not offering in-person sessions. I have a family to protect as well as myself. I AM, however, offering virtual sessions. I use Skype or Zoom for webcam sessions. I have a high powered, high definition webcam, phone, and Chromebook to use for sessions. My lighting is professional and I have an array of play toys for the fetishes I offer. To purchase a webcam session, click the following link.

My Growth as a Femdom

I was a late bloomer to the world of kink. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I discovered what kink and BDSM was. I had just started dating my girlfriend at the time and she was well versed in kink and the kinky lifestyle. She let me explore just what I liked and what suited me. It was an amazing time of self-discovery.

I knew I enjoyed received and bottoming as that is what I started out doing. It was fun for me. I quickly realized I was not a bottom. I enjoyed directing the play and making it about mutual power play and power exchange. I was coming into my own in the world of kink. I was always a dominant woman and a powerful woman in the professional world. It came naturally when I started to delve deeper in the Femdom and domination.

What got me hooked was when I learned about Leather and the Leather lifestyle. Being a veteran, I related very closely to Leather. The codes, the hierarchy, and structure… it all made sense to me.

Why am I an Alpha Femme?

Because I naturally enjoy being treated and waited on. I am a Goddess and I know this. Just as a beta knows he’s a beta. Just a slave knows he’s a slave. There is a natural order of things and I just happen to be towards the top.

Lady Sophia, a West Indian Goddess holding a riding crop with painted nails and seductive eyes.

What Happens in Vegas – AVN 2018

Every year, Adult Video Network has an awards show.  This awards show is a big deal within the adult industry.  It’s the Emmy’s of the adult film world.  I am happy to say that I will be appearing with I Want Clips on Wednesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 25th (which is also my birthday) from 6p-8p.

You can come and tribute me in person, get a picture with me for a tribute, kiss my heels and hand me cash, and basically worship me face to face.

You will not want to miss out on this opportunity.  I will also be offering live sessions while I am town.  You can reserve your session with me by sending $100 deposit and then completing the beta application. I will have few session times available, so book quickly.

I Want Lady Sophia

Not only do I offer in person sessions and trainings, I create fetish and Femdom adult films.  Sometimes I have video slaves and other times it is just Me in all my glory. Some of the fetishes that can be seen include JOI, CEI, CBT, Goddess worship, ball busting, and more. I film weekly and post new content often.

All videos are shot with a professional Sony camera and edited with Hollywood quality video editing software. There are a variety of videos and available and more are always being added.