Virtual Sessions

I offer virtual sessions via Skype, Loyalfans, and Onlyfans.  You must pay a deposit to secure your time with me.  Without a deposit, your time and date will not be held and a submissive with a deposit could take your desired time.  I require full payment prior to the virtual session.  I require a minimum of 20 minutes.  Just as in person, you will show me respect and follow basic guidelines.

Tips are highly, highly encouraged.

Complete the form below if you would like to schedule and deposit for a session.  Be sure to include the date and time length desired.  State what your fetishes are and what you are into.  Make it clear what you desire in your virtual session.

Do not contact me if you are not ready to submit a deposit to hold your spot.
The deposit can be sent to any form of payment on my PAY ME page.

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