What Does it Mean to be a Primal Femme?

Posted on: 08/13/2021
Ebony Femdom, Lady Sophia, in a feather dress holding a riding crop near her lips.
Lady Sophia with a riding crop near her luscious lips.

As many might know, I have been a dominant woman and have been for most of my life. Even before I discovered the lifestyle, I was in charge of my life, in my way, and done in my style. In my muggle job, in my relationships, in my friendships, in my everything; I am usually the one calling the shots. I am also a sensual person. I enjoy touch and feeling sensations. Having my babyloves body against my body makes me feel really good. I NEVER bottom for men, E.V.E.R. However in my personal relationships, I enjoy the relaxation that comes from being a bottom and just letting go and giving in. I am a sexual person. A very sexual person. I am a primal person. On Fetlife, my identification is ‘primal’. I am a queer femme that has a primal passion for fucking, sex, and pleasurable engagements. And before you contact me about any bullshit, I am SOOO VERY NOT INTERESTED. I have plenty of enjoyment in my life and do not need YOU to send unsolicited advances. <eye roll>.

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To be primal, to me, mean I enjoy raw and unmeasured sex. I love sweat. I love the sounds that come from fucking. I mean, I GUESS making love is alright. But I would much rather fuck and be left breathless. I like to hear my lover. I love knowing that what we are doing is bring them pleasure and joy. I am into fucking until we just can’t go anymore. But we take a 10-minute break, re-hydrate, go pee… then start all over again. I like getting fucked and just letting go. My babylove is amazing in bed. We have so much fun and the energy is fabulous.

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I am primal in my kink and BDSM play as well. I want those I play with to experience sensual sadism and passionate domination. My subs get my all at that moment. When I session, I am also very present. I believe that all betas and subs should have the amazing joy of experiencing the sensations that only I can provide. I am very aware of the vibe and work to guide it into a state of pleasurable service.

Mommy Sophia

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