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I am an educated, sensually seductive Alpha Femme and lifestyle & professional Femdom. I am a sensual sadist and genuinely enjoy the feel of skin in my hands. 

I am a military-trained combat nurse with street smarts and respect for the Code.  Integrity and respect will get you very far with me.  I genuinely love and enjoy the sexually charged psychological mind games being a Femdom affords me to play.  My tastes are vast in the land of fetishes. I can be your Mommy, or I can be your Daddy; either way, it’ll be a fantastic time, and you will come to adore your Goddess. 

I am 6’1″ in high heels, have 40JJ breasts, a 55-inch ass, a curvy & feminine hourglass figure, and glamorous model features.  Measurements are 55-41-55 – voluptuous, curvaceous, and downright sexy.  My favorites things to wear are feminine, form-fitted items to show off my alluring body.  I do enjoy relaxed-fitting clothing when I am home enjoying a show or book.

I love laughing and genuinely think it is good for the soul and body.  I am an experienced player.  I started as a sub, so I know how it works.  I quickly discovered I am not fit for full-time submission.  I believe with SSC for my beginning players and RACK play for my more advanced players.

Call me and let’s discuss your need to worship me-
1-800-863-5478 ext 9468453
First time callers get 3 minutes for free.

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