Be sure to read through this before asking me questions. You will find many answers here.

  1. Are you available for on the spot or immediate sessions? No. I require an appointment. You must complete the beta application and send deposit.
  2. Do you work with other Dommes? Yes, I do. Contact me and we can discuss it more.
  3. Are you looking for a personal slave/sub? I am not. And when I am, I will not be taking random requests or accepting slaves with no experience. I will do my own work to get my needs met from an experienced slave who enjoys service.
  4. Do you have a dungeon? Yes. My dungeon is fully equipped and able to handle all fetishes. I have toys, rope, and much more.
  5. Do you travel? Yes, I do. When I do travel, I will post about it on my blog. You can follow the tag ‘touring’ and it will provide you details.
  6. I don’t live in Phoenix, AZ but I want to see you, what can I do? You can get a virtual session. You can also fly me out to you. If you would like to do this, contact me to discuss it further.
  7. What are your hard limits? I don’t indulge in brown showers, roman showers, or full service.
  8. Can I record the session? Yes, for an additional tribute. This is an extra tribute of $100. It is recorded on my camera and I send it to you.
  9. Do you see couples? Yes I do see couples. Contact me to make this happen.
  10. Do you see women? Yes, I see all genders.
  11. What are your typical hours? I typically see subs Monday-Friday from 12p – 8p and Saturday from 3p – 10p. I am not available on Sundays.
Lady Sophia enticing you into submission!
error: Nice Try LOSER! Don\'t steal My shit!

Daily tasks!

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  5. Upvote 5 of my Reddit posts

Weekly Tasks for betas Who Want to Get My Attention!

  1. Buy 3 clips from iwantsophia.com
  2. Buy 3 clips from clips4sale.com/38831 
  3. RT at least 10 Twitter posts.

Monthly Tasks for betas who want to serve and Show their Loyalty!

  1. Pay a 10% tithe (send to venmo.com/sophiastjames)
  2. Choose a bill and dedicate yourself to paying it for at least 3 months.  Bills are HERE.
  3. Order a custom video at iwantsophia.com.
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